Late Dr. Balasaheb Vikhe Patil

(Padmabhushan Awardee, Founder Trustee- Shirdi Sai Rural Institute, Pravaranagar, Ex. Minister, Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises)

ImgRural masses of India have always been deprived of education and thereby job opportunities. This pathetic situation had attracted the attention of many social workers, especially a man very down-to-earth, who sacrificed his life for the welfare of society, Hon’ble Padamashree Dr. Vithhalrao Vikhe Patil. He had understood the poor state of farming & realized that education is mandatory for the upliftment of rural masses. We, his Successors are following the footprints of him and aim at imparting ‘Holistic Education’ to all.

The Arts Science & Commerce College, Rahata was established in 1997 with the noble ideals of providing a platform to the rural youths & empowerment of women through appropriate education. Today I am extremely happy to tell you that the college has glorious tradition of two decades and changed the scene of Shirdi and Rahata region. At Arts Science & Commerce College Rahata, we believe that a great responsibility is vested on us as the educators of modern world. Since the establishment of the college we have been striving hard to comprehend the broad significance of education while designing our mode of instruction. We provide number of opportunities to the students to sharpen their intelligence & enable them to accomplish their bright aspirations. As a result we have earned many laurels from government and semi-government. We also instill in them ethics that shapes and provide them a strong foundation to tackle the challenges of life. I hope the college which made its impact on the rural region of Shirdi & Rahata will carve its name on future of India and will work for betterment of the world.

Hon'ble Shri Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil

(Cabinet Minister of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly)

ImgAn Institution bridges gap between an individual and the society. Shirdi Sai Rural Institute’s Arts, Science & Commerce College Rahata is no exception to it. We stand very high as the two decades platform through which many excellences of all times nurtured their future.

"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future" - Franklin D. Roosewelt

Roosewelt’s these words perfectly describe the aim of Arts Science & Commerce College, Rahata. Beyond providing a traditional education, we make them efficient to be cope up with the employability sector and wish to provide them a holistic learning experience to face the difficulties of life. The light of the knowledge to the rural masses, especially to the women to conclude the darkness of their life and the fire of excellence has been the guiding principles of our college. The prefect blend of intellectual, physical & ethical avenues are made available to the students in order to develop themselves into good responsible citizens, which society will be proud of. We always try to find newer areas to excel & hope to achieve success in all aspects for positive development.

Hon'ble Dr. Sujaydada Vikhe Patil - (Khaasdar)

Member of Parliament, Govt. of India.
(M. S. (General Surgery) M. Ch. (Neuro Surgery), CEO, SSRI)

ImgLocated near the holy shrine of Lord Saibaba’s Shirdi, A.S.C. College, Rahata is the top institute, which strives to promote excellence. The college has made its way to the top through unrelenting efforts with determination and dedication for quality. We are very conscious to produce responsible citizens by inculcating, discipline and determination.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic and this very aspect of our college runs in the space as far as development is concerned. Since its inception the institute is standing on the firm grounds has undoubtedly made its niche in the global world by producing efficient citizens who proved a success in different spheres.

Arts Science & Commerce College, Rahata works diligently to realize its mission of providing the best learning, teaching & research opportunities to students, teachers & academicians. We do not feed students with mere facts & knowledge instead we motivate our students to be source of knowledge themselves. Arts Science & Commerce College, Rahata had a rich heritage of past and it is standing as one of the best rural college in the region. The experience of past when mixed with dynamism of present brings laurels for the college & as a result to the society. Another milestone in this arduous journey is the college is accredited by NAAC with ‘A’ grade.

I wish to congratulate the team of stake holders, students & parents, who sparked the vision of bringing it into the existence. I invite you to take on a fascinating journey & explore the realms of limitless opportunities at the college.

Dr. Yoginder K. Alagh

(Chancellor Central University, Gujarat, Economist, Former Member of Indian Planning Commission,Former V.C. JNU, Delhi, Chairman, Shirdi Sai Rural Institute, Pravaranagar)

ImgThe noble man and farsighted visionary Late Dr. Vitthalrao Vikhe Patil recognized the needs of the rural down-trodden and warren. He started PRES, Pravaranagar. His able son late Dr. Balasaheb Vikhe Patil continues his lineage and started Shirdi Sai Rural Institute, Pravaranagar. HE recognized the need of girl students and started Arts, Science and Commerce College, Rahata in 1997.

It is indeed, my pleasure to be the chairman of Shirdi Sai Rural Institute, Pravaranagar, which is working for the upliftment of rural masses especially for woman. An Arts, Science and Commerce College, Rahata is a nodal institute of a higher education in the region. The college has been making progress through teaching –learning, extracurricular as well as extension activities. It is committed to the local needs of the region. It organizes National, State and local level conferences, seminars to full fill the educational and career needs of the students.

The intake of the students is increasing every year; we are trying our best to provide the most exceptional to our students. We have started a free bus service to our girls students. Facilities like purified water, retrography, library, career guidance, placement and guidance for competitive examinations are provided to our students. Our efforts are always to enhance the quality of higher education. Therefore we pay attention to the qualitative improvement of teaching and non teaching staff.

As Tennyson has said-“To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield”

We will try our best, to be one of the excellent HEI in the region.

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