The Department of Marathi was established in 1997. Marathi as a general paper has been taught to B.A., B.Com. & B.Sc in the same year. The department has glorious tradition of outstanding results. The Department organizes various Programmes for the developments of the students at various level. The alumni of department give their contribution in various fields. The Department organizes educational trips at various places in Maharashtra.

Faculty Profile

Sr.No. Name Designation Qualifications Experience
1 Dr. Kadam S. B. Asst. Prof. & Head M. A. B. Ed., M. Phil, Ph. D. 18 years

Functions of the Department:

  • ⚬  Eassy competition
  • ⚬  Students Seminars
  • ⚬  Study Tour
  • ⚬  Social Awareness Programme like Literacy Mission, Lecture series for senior citizen
  • ⚬  Debating, Elocution of Superstition
  • ⚬  Test & Tutorials
  • ⚬  World Marathi Day


  • ⚬  The Department of Marathi celebrates Marathi Language Day every year.
  • ⚬  The Department of Marathi actively participates in the organization of debating competition held in the College.
  • ⚬  The Department of Marathi of the college actively involves in the publication of Magazine 'ANVESHAN'.
  • ⚬  The Department takes initiative in Barrister Jaykar Bahishal Vyakhyanmala & arranges lecture series under it for enhancing knowledge of the students.
  • ⚬  Dr. Kadam S.B. is recognized as a PG Teacher by the University of Pune.
  • ⚬  The Department of Marathi has successfully organised a State Level Seminar on 12th January 2018.
  • ⚬  The Department celebrates “Reading Inspiration Day” (Wachan Prerana Din) on the Birth Anniversary of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.
  • ⚬  Dr. Kadam has published 6 Research Papers in National and International journals.


Department of Hindi was started at general level with the inception of the college. The special courses were commenced in 1998. Our strength lies in highly qualified and experienced faculty and outstanding results. The faculty members are fully engaged in research work and actively participate in National and International seminars and conferences. We are also known for mentoring the students.

Faculty Profile

Sr.No. Name Designation Qualifications Experience
1 Dr. Mrs. Shaikh Ainur Shabbir Assistant Professor & Head M.A., B.Ed. Ph.D. 18 Years
2 Mr. Dange Dadasaheb N. Assistant Professor M.A. NET 9 Years


  • ⚬  12 students of our department have qualified NET/SET in Hindi & secured job at different colleges.
  • ⚬  3 ex. students of our department are pursuing Ph.D at Department of Hindi, SPPU.
  • ⚬  Dr. A.S. Shaikh has honoured with Virangana Savitribai Phule Fellowship award in New Delhi on 7th & 9th December 2008
  • ⚬  Dr. A.S. Shaikh achieved Second Rank in Essay Competition on 'Nagri Lipi' organized by Akhil Bhartiya Nagri Lipi Parishad, New Delhi, 2010-11.
  • ⚬  Successfully organized a state level seminar.
  • ⚬   The department celebrates Hindi Diwas every year.
  • ⚬   Total NET pass Candidates 7.
  • ⚬   Dr. A. S. Shaikh has completed a Minor Research Project sanctioned by UGC from 2015 to 2017 and received a grant of 1, 75,000/- for completing the project.
  • ⚬   Dr. A. S. Shaikh has completed her Ph. D. from University of Pune, Pune in Hindi.
  • ⚬   Dr. A. S. Shaikh has won Second Prize in Essay Competition by All India Nagari Lipi Parishad in 2016.
  • ⚬   Dr. A. S. Shaikh has 17 research papers to her credit published at national and international level journals and books.
  • ⚬   Dr. A. S. Shaikh has been actively working as a Student Welfare Officer of the college since 2015-16.
  • ⚬   Dr. A. S. Shaikh has remained present as an expert at Hindi Diwas programmes at various institutes.
  • ⚬   Mr. D. N. Dange has been working as a Programme Officer of NSS since 2015-16.
  • ⚬   Minor Research Project- 2017


The Department of English was established since the inception of the College in 1997. The Department has made conspicuous growth in relation to academics. Since the establishment, the department has credited its mark and glory. The department offers three years undergraduate programme. The department is one of the active departments in the college. It has well qualified and experienced teaching staff. We strive to mould the career of the students. The department has well-furnished classrooms along with well-equipped Digital Language Laboratory consists of audio visual aids.

The aim of the department is to equip the students with various language skills that can help them to be proficient to cope with the employability sector. The department conducts various activities like ‘Screening of the Films for Teaching’ and ‘Enactment of the Plays’. Besides, Department conducts Bridge Courses like ‘Basic Grammar’, ‘Tenses without Tension’, ‘A Course in Basic Communication Skills’ and ‘Speak fast Course’ to enhance the communication skills of the rural students. We also conduct remedial courses for slow learners.

We are proud to mention that we provide intensive mentoring to our students on and off the job. Another specialty of the department is that most of our students go for higher education and many of them get admission to the University.

Faculty of the Department

Sr.No. Name Qualifications Experience Specialization
1 Ms. Rohini D. Kasar M.A. NET,SET 11 years English Language Teaching
2 Mr. V. N. Rohom M.A. B. Ed 15 years General
3 Ms. Pranali G. Bothe M.A. B. Ed 6 years General
4 Mr. Avinash D. Khandizod M.A. NET, JRF 3 years Linguistics, ELT

Highlights :

  • ⚬  More than 10 students got admitted to the Department of English, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune
  • ⚬  Ms. Rohini |D. Kasar has been awarded by the “Teacher Fellowship” to complete her Ph. D. under the Faculty Improvement Programme of the UGC in 2014-15.
  • ⚬  Our two ex- students are working in the department itself. Mr. Avinash D. Khandizod has qualified himself with NET twice and received JRF and working in the department as an Assistant Professor.
  • ⚬  Ms. Rohini D. Kasar secured a post of Maharashtra Finance & Account Officer group- B in the State Services Main Exam 2011.
  • ⚬  Well- equipped Digital Language Laboratory with CDs, DVDs and various audio- visual aids
  • ⚬  Successfully organized two State Level seminars in 2014 and 2016 respectively.
  • ⚬  Use of Modern Teaching Techniques.
  • ⚬  The faculty extends helping hand to all teaching and non- teaching staff as the teachers of English.
  • ⚬  Almost 80% students are either self-employed or working with other firms.
  • ⚬   The members of the department are section editors of the college annual ‘Anveshan’.
  • ⚬   Ms Rohini D. Kasar, has 4 research papers to her credit published in National and International journals and books.
  • ⚬   Mr. Avinash D. Khandizod has published 2 research papers in the proceedings of National level seminars.
  • ⚬   It is the unique activity of the department to organize Welcome and Farewell function every year.
  • ⚬   Mr. V. N. Rohom, the teaching faculty qualified SET examination recently.
  • ⚬   Active role of the department in the IQAC and preparation of AQAR, SSR and college website.


The department of Economics started at general level in 1997 and at special level in 1998. The Department is also remarkable for its P.G. course. The M.A. in Economics was introduced in 2011. The department has two full time faculties. We have highly qualified and experienced staff. To promote research culture among students, Department takes initiative in Research activities and gives research projects. The department also conducts remedial courses and bridge courses to enhance the knowledge of the students. We are proud to say that we are known for special mentoring of the students

Faculty Profile

Sr.No. Name of Teachers Designation Qualifications/ Specialization Joining Date Experience
1 Prof. Dr. Mrs. Gandhi Anupama Deepak Assistant Professor M.A., B. Ed, M. Phil Ph.D. 15/06/1999 19 years
2 Prof. Dr. Ms. Dighe Jayshri R. Assistant Professor M.A. B.Ed,Ph.D. 11/09/2008 09 years
3 Ms.Kote Shital B. Assistant Professor M.A. B.Ed. 07/08/2014 03 years


  • ⚬  The department is notable for producing outstanding results both at UG and PG level.
  • ⚬  One of the ex-student of our department has been awarded Ph. D. degree in 2015 and 10 students have awarded M. Phil. Degree.
  • ⚬  Mrs. Gandhi and Ms Dighe have completed Ph. D. degree in Pune University.
  • ⚬  Mrs. Gandhi completed two Minor Research Projects funded by B.C.U.D. & U.G.C. respectively.
  • ⚬  The Department has successfully organized 2 National Seminars, 1 State Level and 1 University Level Seminar.
  • ⚬  Bhausaheb Sonavane stood first in 2001 in University of Pune and awarded Bhausaheb Tulpule Prize.
  • ⚬   Dr. A. D. Gandhi has published 17 research papers in National and International journals and books.
  • ⚬   Dr. J. D. Dighe has published 3 research papers in the proceedings of National level seminars.


The Department of Politics was established at general level in 1997 & at special level 2000-01. The Department runs a Degree Course of B.A. in Politics. There is an increasing demand from students for this subject. The Department organizes various activities to increase the horizon of the students like Seminars, Workshops and Study tours. The Department organizes Expert Lecture Series Every Year under the Quality Improvement Programme of the University of Pune.

Faculty Profile

Sr.No. Name Designation Qualifications Experience
1 Mr. S.R. Patharkar Asst. Professor M.A. 22 years
2 Mr. G.B. Pulate Asst. Professor M.A. B.Ed. 8 years


  • ⚬  Successful Organized Two State Level Seminars & a Local Level Seminar.
  • ⚬  Mr. Patharkar S.R. is Registered for PhD.
  • ⚬  He has worked as a Subject Expert.
  • ⚬  Mr.Patharkar S.R. has got P.G. Recognition letter.
  • ⚬  Department of Politics Celebrates Birth Anniversaries of freedom Fighters and Social leaders.

Department of Politics Organized state Level Seminar on Maharashtra Loksabha Election on 13th February 2015 funded by BCUD, Savitribai Phule Pune University.

Mr. Patharkar S. R. HoD, has written in Politics on

  • 1. Party System in India: Success publications, Pune ISBN 978-93-5158-172
  • 2. Administration of Maharashtra Government. – Success publications, Pune, ISBN 978-93-5158-235-9
  • 3. Local Self Government in Maharashtra Success publications, Pune, ISBN 978-93-5158-205-2
  • Completed 3 Refresher courses, 1 Orientation Course and 1 short term Course in Politics


The Department of History was established in 1997. History as a General Paper was introduced at the U.G. Level in the same year. The Department organizes various seminars for students and teachers. The study tours at different historical places is an identity of the department. The department is also known for its highly mentoring of the students.

Faculty Profile

Sr.No. Name Designation Qualifications Experience
1 Mr. A. B. Mate Asst. Prof. and Head M. A. B. Ed. 18 years

Highlights :

  • ⚬  To promote research culture amongst students Historical Survey of various villages is conducted by the department.
  • ⚬  Mr.A.B.Mate is registered for PhD in the year 2015 at SPPU.
  • ⚬  He has completed a Historical Survey of Dahegaon, A Village in Rahata Tahsil under “Samartha Bharat Abhiyan” of the University of Pune, Which is published in the Second Volume.
  • ⚬  Successfully organized two State Level Seminars.
  • ⚬  Prof. A. B. Mate has six research papers published in national and international publications.


The Department of Geography was established in 1997 at special level. It has well qualified and experienced teaching staff. Presently two full time faculty members are actively working in the department. Department organizes various seminars for students and teachers at national and state level. The Department has many weather equipment and study instruments such as GPS, Atlas, Maps & Toposheets. Department also organizes the educational trips at various places in Maharashtra. The department conducts various activities like ‘Village Survey’ & ‘Daily Weather Information’ for Teaching.

We inculcate social awareness, environment awareness, and disaster management through geography. We promote research culture amongst students. Continuous guidance to write research projects for students is an identity of department. The alumni of the department give their contribution at various fields.

Faculty Profile

Sr.No. Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Experience
1 Mr. D. M. Nalage Asst. Prof. and Head M. A. B. Ed., M. Phil. 18 years
2 Mr. C. M. Bansode Assistant Professor M.A., NET (CSIR) 05 years


  • ⚬  Organized successfully two National Level Seminar, Two state and three local level seminars.
  • ⚬  Most of our students go for higher learning and secured job at various places.
  • ⚬  One of our Ex. Students Mr. Bansode C.M. has qualified NET(CSIR) and working in the department itself.
  • ⚬  Study tours, Research projects & Village Survey is another specialty of the department.
  • ⚬  Use of Modern Teaching Techniques like PPT , Audio Visual Aids, Screening of Films, CD’s & VCD’s.
Department of Geography Organized state Level Seminar on Geography and Disaster Management on 13th January 2018 funded by BCUD, Savitribai Phule Pune University.
Prof. Nalage D. M submitted Ph. D. thesis for the degree to Savitribai Phule Pune University (January 2018 “ Need and Feasibility of modern irrigation and fertilization methodologies for higher yield in Sugarcane : A case study of Rahuri tahsil of Ahmednagar district Completed 2 Refresher, 1 orientation in Geography. 1 short term Course completed in NSS .
Published two research paper in recognized research journal and actively participated in 2 International Conference. He has Awarded “Best Student Welfare Officer” by Board of student Welfare , University of Pune (2011).
Prof. Bansode C. M.: Completed 1 Refresher and 1 Orientation Course in Geography.He has also published 2 research paper in recognized research journal.

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